Tell the world about the things you love – and learn more about what you, your friends and others own, love, want or have created themselves.

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A glimpse of things to come is a mobile app and website by the Otherland Group, which allows you to “praise” the things you love and share this appreciation with others. Friends and followers can comment on your praises, can express their own relationship with these things. Everyone learns more about their own and other people’s stuff. Additionally, Otherland's ingenious “context engine” provides interesting and entertaining additional information - context - on every item praised, on the brand, artist or creator behind it, on similar stuff and the people, who like it too. finds correlations between behavior, interests and preference that no human would ever recognize - extracting insights, recommendations and just … interesting stuff. We pull this information from other users' posts on, from Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, Freebase, IMdb, Google+, Pinterest and many other sources. Then we use state-of-the-art big data and machine learning tech to select the most relevant stuff for you and present it in one simple, compact, beautifully designed package.